Posture is often one of those things in the too-hard basket that we just forget about, ignoring
that it is a big driver for many of our problems and injuries. Most of us have had that
conversation where the mythical “posture” is blamed as the key cause. But so what? What can
we do about it? What does this even mean?

The first step is to understand posture – It basically refers to our alignment, from our heads to
our toes and everything in between. For example, some common areas we look at:
– The spine – are we more rounded? Too straight? We are looking for a gentle ‘S’ curve.
– The pelvis – Is it too far forward? Is it tipping forwards or backwards?
– The shoulders – are they sitting too high or forward?
– These are just some examples of the many things we look at.

There is a range of what is “normal” but if it is accompanied by pain or dysfunction it is generally
worth looking at.

It is a big driver of injury, as poor posture can put body tissue on more stretch than it desires,
causing build up of tension and pain. Or it can even put the body in positions where it is harder
to activate our ever important muscles.

But how can we fix it? When is it too late?
The best time is now. The earlier you work on it, the easier it is to address it and set up the best
strategies and habits to maintain strong posture.

At Dynamic Motion, one of our favourite ways to target posture is through group
consults/pilates. This is because improving posture is a journey. It is best to take others with you
on this journey where you can be guided and held accountable to regular practice.

Group consults help teach you the tools:
– To know what is correct posture
– Stretch the right areas in the way
– Wake up the lazy (inhibited) muscles
– Build the right muscles
– And most importantly, build the habit and the awareness to maintain it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. An assessment is often the best place to start.