Here at Dynamic Motion Physiotherapy we are always on the lookout for fun, unique ways of exercising because we believe the key to feeling well is having an active body and mind.

We are so lucky to live and play where we do in this beautiful area, so we’re encouraging our local community to get out and enjoy it! These are some of our team’s picks: What have we missed? Where’s your favourite spot to move your body? Leave us a comment and share it with our DMP community!

Warrina Street Oval, Berowra Heights

A fun, inviting suburban circuit that includes a 450m perimeter running / riding path, three outdoor exercise set ups, a hard-surfaced basketball/netball court area, and two ovals, making the precinct the perfect place for getting your body moving.

  1. Running / walking circuit
  2. Outdoor exercise areas   
  • Pull ups / leg raises / elliptical trainer / pull downs
  • Aerobic cycle / sit up bench
  • Chest press / leg press / body pulls / push ups

3. Netball courts (hard surface)

4. Grassed ovals

 Other facilities to note at Warrina Street Oval include plenty of parking, toilet facilities (including disabled) and a fully fenced kids playground.

Gibberagong Track, Bobbin Head, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

You won’t believe that a boardwalk like this is so close to home! Enjoy the drive into Bobbin Head through the stunning Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and park near the walk entrance (National Parks entry cost does apply – $12 a day unless you have a pass). Fun fact: did you know that Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is the second oldest national park in NSW?

The walk will take you across a bridge, through mangroves on a sturdy boardwalk, saltmarsh, swamp oak floodplain and rainforests and up onto rocky sandstone outcrops where you can check out the amazing views.

Short walks are possible but allow an hour or so return for the rainforest track.

CHALLENGE: If you’re after a challenge, consider the longer walk up to 3 hours one way to North Wahroonga. Even for the shorter walks there are some steps and inclines, perfect to get the blood pumping and the body moving. It’s the kind of walk where you can enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, listen to the birds and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature while stretching out your muscles and rehabilitating your body and mind.

Asquith Park, Asquith

Similar to Warrina Street Oval in Berowra Heights, but closer to our Asquith Practice, this precinct includes a 600m perimeter running / riding path, and an outdoor excise area that features equipment for leg raises, pull ups, pull downs, body pulls, push ups, chest press, leg press,  aerobic cycle, a sit up bench, as well as table areas and sandstone seats that can be used for a range of exercises. The oval itself features a large playing surface, and as long as you’re not there while organised sport is on, there is plenty of room for everyone.

The location of this precinct is appealing as it is quite central, with plenty of parking, toilets, and even a fenced dog park section.

Asquith Park, Asquith
Asquith Park, Asquith

Rofe Park, Hornsby Heights

Continuing with our first series of exercise locations is Rofe Park located on Galston Road in Hornsby Heights. Similarly to both Warrina Street Oval in Berowra Heights and Asquith Park in Asquith, this location features a large, safe 700m running / riding track around the perimeter of the oval with an outdoors exercise set up that features a range of equipment that we can design programs around. The outdoors exercise area doesn’t seem to be “too busy”, and can be worked in during laps around the perimeter track. Like the others, there is plenty of grassed areas that can be used in your exercise for a comprehensive workout and there is plenty of parking and toilets available.   

Rofe Park, Hornsby Heights
Rofe Park, Hornsby Heights

The Great North Walk

We can’t talk about exercising and playing outdoors without including The Great North Walk, and it’s easy enough to break the walk up into sections to suit your physical levels and capability! There is a heap of information about these sections of walk but one of the more popular walks in our backyard is the Cowan to Brooklyn walk that covers around 13.4 kilometres over about 5 and a half hours. Highlights include creek crossings, views over Jerusalem Bay, Brooklyn Dam, and finishing in Brooklyn itself, where it’s not such a bad idea to finish with a refreshing beverage at the local pub. Local hint: park at Cowan Railway Station, and then when you finish the walk, get the train back up the hill to where your car is parked!

The opportunities to get physical exercise in our own backyard are only limited by your imagination! If you would like help with a program of alternating exercises, the team at Dynamic Motion Physiotherapy can come up with an entire program suited for you. Ask us and we can get you started.


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Dynamic Movers - DMP

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If you need any support or guidance on safe exercise or where to start with getting active, please get in touch with the friendly team at Dynamic Motion Physiotherapy – locations in Asquith, Berowra, Galston & Wahroonga.