What is Pilates? Pilates simply refers to a type of exercise. It was first designed by a man named Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. Since then, it has emerged in many varied forms, but maintaining the same key principles: a system of exercise designed to promote strength, flexibility, improvements in posture, and body awareness. Why should I do pilates? Pilates has a firm grounding in physiotherapy, and at our clinic it is delivered exclusively by trained physiotherapists. This enables delivery of a program that can safely target your weak areas without risk of injury. It should allow you to build a strong foundation in activating the correct muscles and instill proper movement patterns and postures. It is an excellent medium of exercise for people recovering from injury as well as for those hoping to keep fit or prevent injury. Is it just the core? Learning to use our core effectively is certainly a key element of pilates but in a 55 minute class you can expect a whole body workout. To benefit from a strong middle you need everything else to also be strong. How hard is it? Our classes are delivered in a flexible manner that allows you to decide the difficulty of a chosen exercise. Generally speaking, to maximise benefit, expect to be working up a sweat and to feel your muscles the next day. Where do I begin? Everyone that participates in our pilates classes needs to complete an assessment first. This allows us to appropriately identify your key areas of improvement so we can target your exercises appropriately. Additionally, our small group sizes allow for individual attention and by completing an assessment qualifies the classes as ‘clinical pilates’, enabling you to claim with your private health fund. We run classes every day of the week (except Sunday), most mornings and evenings. Please contact us to find out availabilities, or if you have any questions. Book Assessment Now