Digby has been a physiotherapist here at Dynamic Motion  for the last 4 months working at Galston.   Growing up in Normanhurst Digby had a strong interest in sports, predominantly football (soccer), tennis and cricket with the occasional surfing trip added in. This combined with having two PE teachers as parents and multiple extended family members working as physio’s meant he had a high level of exposure to what physios do and how they help people.   Some of Digby’s other interests include music (playing the drums and piano), bushwalking, finding new experiences and travelling. After finishing school he took a ‘gap year’ and lived in England working as a sports coach and assistant in a PE department while travelling to countries throughout Europe in his time off.   When Digby completed his physiotherapy degree he moved to the rural town of Narrabri in North West NSW and worked in a private practice gaining experience working with people of all ages with a broad range of conditions. The limited health services available to people living in the country means you can get any type of injury or condition coming through the door and have clients with everything from back injuries working in the mines to farmers getting charged down by a bull!   Since moving back to Sydney Digby has been working as a physio in the National Premier League and National Youth League. This has strengthened his background in sports injury rehabilitation and of course his love for sport. “I love working with sports injuries as clients are always motivated and it’s always rewarding getting them back on the field and moving at their best.” Saying that, it’s just as rewarding getting any client back to doing what they want to do, whether that is work, gardening and helping round the house or being able to get back to their favourite hobby.   Digby first heard about Dynamic Motion Physiotherapy a few years ago when our team visited his pre-season training session when he was playing premier league football for Normanhurst. It’s a great environment to work in because of the wide variety of services we can offer, the involvement in the community, great staff and facilities and of course our motivated clients. Be sure to book yourself in with Digby at the Galston Clinic as he is determined to help you with whatever challenges you are facing!  

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