DMP is excited to introduce to you Binal Vather, our new Physiotherapist based in Galston.


Binal graduated from the Australian Catholic University and has had diverse experience in private practice, musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy, chronic disease management and surgical rehabilitation.


Binal is passionate about all types of physiotherapy, striving to empower patients to overcome limitations to achieve optimal function and purse what they enjoy doing whether is be returning to work, sport or spending time with family.


She ensures holistic physiotherapy management for all patients with individualised treatment techniques including education about the condition and management strategies, manual therapy and tailored exercises specific for you.


When not volunteering for charity organisations, rehabilitation hospitals or leading Yoga classes as an Instructor, Binal enjoys playing tennis, dance, going to the beach or going on adventurous walking trails.


Be sure to book in with Binal at the Galston Clinic, she is determined to help you with whatever challenges you are facing!