With the current situation at hand, we’ve had a number of people presenting in our clinics with shoulder, neck, and back pain.  Why?

The increase of people working from home, and not having the correct set-up in their work from home environment has resulted in poor posture, spinal and muscle pain.

Essentially as a wholistic therapists we are all about posture and the 24 hour positions of our spinal patients. Put simply, it doesn’t matter which exercise or therapist you see you will not get results if there is poor posture combined with very little movement on a regular basis.

Recent research backs this up and working home potentially will be devastating for those who already suffer spinal pain and could very quickly precipitate new problems.

How should we be seated?

The diagram above highlights correct sitting posture and at DMP we have a supply of lumbar rolls to assist in turning your home furniture into a good ergonomic and comfortable set up.

BUT this is definitely not the end of the story. We need to MOVE!!! Therefore using a standing desk for 40% of the day makes a lot of sense. Haven’t got one? You can use your ironing board to adjust to a good height for your keyboard and then place it in front of your dining table, kitchen bench or desk.

MOVE !! A spinal pain professor was recently quoted as saying that if those with Low back pain walked for 10 to 15 minutes , 3 times a day they would feel much better. We can even do this around the house and block and even when taking a phone call. One longer walk wont do it. We need regular movement throughout the day!

Here at Dynamic we care about your long term spinal health and will be available for Telehealth sessions to fully assess your new home environment. You can book in with your usual therapist who knows you and your unique situation already!


Home Assessments Now Available!

Book in a home assessment of your workspace with any or our physiotherapists via Telehealth.  Normally $94.00 only $49.00

Just mention DESK SET UP in the booking notes!


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