An inappropriately set up office environment is a key factor that drives a lot of injuries and pains. Fixing your desk situation can often fix your problem or prevent a problem in the first place. Common conditions include back pain, neck pain, and wrist pain.



Signs of a poor work setup:

  • Slouching forward rounding the lower back
  • Slouching forward poking the neck forward
  • Looking up at the computer screen
  • Arms below table height reaching up


Where do I begin?

The below are some general tips on where to start:

  • Desk/chair height – should be at a level that allows the arms to rest at a bend of 90 degrees (resting on the table or arm rests if you have them). Note armrests are not essential.
  • Monitor height – the first line at the top of the screen should be roughly at eye level
  • Accessories – items like phones and files should all be within arms reach to prevent slouching forward
  • Feet – need to be square on the floor. If you do not reach the floor, a foot rest is recommended
  • Type of chair – most simple office chairs are actually quite good if you position them correctly. Generally you want a chair with a mild curve in it to support the lower back and you want it positioned upright so you can relax into it while you are working. The seat horizontal or mildly tipped forward is appropriate.


The important thing to consider is there is no perfect posture. No one can hold ideal positioning all day long. Our desk setup is meant to gently push us in the right direction so we avoid sustained bad positioning all day long.


If you have any questions please contact one of our team.


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