Jane is a physiotherapist who is dedicated to providing high quality, individualised assessment and treatment of patients presenting with pain and movement dysfunction.  This requires a thorough initial assessment which provides a reliable diagnosis.  Appropriate treatment strategies can then be applied and reassessed at subsequent visits.

The aim Jane’s treatment is to provide patients with effective self-management strategies based on education and personalised exercises and/or management advise.  This facilitates optimum results and prevention of further injuries.  Year of experience and commitment to continuing education enables Jane to provide reliable and accurate assessments and effective treatment strategies.

Extensive experience in neurological rehabilitation at Royal Prince Albert Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital has given Jane a holistic approach to movement disorders.  One of her special interests is chronic pain.  She has completed her post-graudate education through the University of Sydney (Graduate Certificate in Pain Medicine) and have attended David Butler’s Explain Pain course.  This training has enabled me to give chronic pain sufferers evidenced based and up to date assessment and treatment.  Jane is also quiet passionate about minimising the risk of transition from acute pain to a chronic pain.  Early assessment of people who have soft tissue injuries can help identify those at risk of developing a chronic pain problem (neck and low back being the most common).  Education, management advise and appropriate exercise can help prevent pain becoming chronic.

Restoring normal movement requires a keen, experienced eye and ear to detect the source of the problem or the link.  Pain and movement dysfunction can often have abnormal contribution from the central nervous system.  Jane’s background in neurology and pain medicine give her the edge on being able to include neuromuscular facilitation with exercise and functional movement programmes.

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