What is it?

Sports and exercise physiotherapy involves helping people maintain optimum health and wellbeing through preventative exercise programs or rehabilitation treatment to support injury management and recovery. We work with people across the physical activity continuum – from your weekend warriors, regular exercisers and those returning to exercise, to your fitness fanatics and elite athletes.

What does it involve?

During your initial assessment, you and your physiotherapist will discuss topics such as your sport and exercise history, current training load, current and previous injuries or issues, goals and expectations.

They will run through a series of assessments that will look at:

  • General range of motion, joint mobility, muscle length, strength and flexibility
  • Muscle force testing, involving use of technology such as ForceFrame
  • Functional movement patterns required for sport-specific tasks
  • Muscle coordination and control required for specific tasks in your sport and exerice
  • Sport-specific movement including power, agility and speed
  • Running/gail assessment
  • Core stability
  • Assess and review any previous injuries or aches and pains that may be contributing to current injury risk or performance

What happens after assessment:

    Your physio will work with you to devise a treatment and management plan to reduce your aches and pains, risk of injury and improve performance.  This will include a targeted exercise program that involves specific strength and conditioning exercises, as well as sport-specific training.

    Results obtained from your initial assessment will be used to measure your progress and improvement throughout your rehab.

    What to wear?

    • Comfortable clothes to move and exercise in; preferably shorts/tights, fitted shirt/singlet
    • Footwear you would normally exercise in e.g. runners, football boots (indoor/non-studded shoes preferrable)
    • Towel, water bottle

    Speciality areas

    • Generalised sport and exercise pre-screening e.g. for injury risk, readiness to partake in a new activity
    • Running assessment
    • Cycling assessment
    • Sport-specific screening and assessment e.g. football, netball