Football Screening / FAME

Sports Analysis

Our Physios at Dynamic Motion have years of experience in working with all levels of soccer players, including elite level.

We have developed a specialised football screening method called FAME, to identify risk of injury, and enhance performance specifically for football athletes.

Below is further information on what our soccer screenings involve.

FAME stands for ‘Foundational Athletic Movement Examination’

  • Learn to move at your best so you can play your best
  • Player physical assessment and training program in one
  • For improved player performance
  • For reduction of injury and returning from injury
  • Great for preseason preparation and off season conditioning
  • Physiotherapist designed
  • Suited to individuals and teams
  • Relevant for all running sports
  • To compliment regular training

FAME – Foundational Athletic Movement Examination

  • Measures and Enhances Performance
  • Reduces injury
  • 10 skills, 5 levels each, beginner to elite
  • Book FAME for you or your team
  • FAME – Results, Feedback, Programs

AMPS – Athletic Movement Performance and Skills

  • Speed, balls skills, endurance, agility
  • How many AMPS can you put out?
  • Individual player programs
  • Book AMPS for you or your team
  • AMPS – Players Results Here

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