Cycle Analysis and Bike Fit

Sports Analysis

So you want to ride at your best – fast and efficient and without pain?

A bike fit performed by a suitably skilled physiotherapist will certainly help you on your way.

The advantage of having a physiotherapist analysis is that we can take into account your individual physical characteristics and optimise your bike set up to suit you.

There are many issues such as lack of power or endurance, back, neck, knee or arm pain that can be addressed simply by having the ideal bike set up.

Appropriate set up of your bike can increase your comfort, power, efficiency and endurance.

The bike fit analysis is a multi stage process.

  1. We start by utilising cycling assessment software and physical measures to record your current set up.
  2. Next we assess you the cyclist. Taking into account your cycling history, goals, body dimensions, flexibility, strength, past injuries and the physical demands of your style of cycling whether that be road, off track, sprint or endurance.
    During this time we give you strategies on how you can improve your body’s function on the bike.
  3. Next, we measure and set the bike geometry to suit your geometry and riding style.

Bike characteristics that should be taken into consideration include:

  • frame size/tube lengths and ratios
  • seat height/angle/position
  • handle bar set up/width/height
  • stem length/height/angle
  • crank length
  • cleat position on the shoe and float adjustment.

The physiotherapist may make changes to your bike set up or work in liaison with your cycle shop pro or cycling coach to achieve the ideal set up.

Once you have adjusted to your new bikefit you should feel more comfortable on your bike and be able to ride faster and further than before.

We acknowledge we are just part of the equation of improving cyclist performance. Your health and training, your coach if you have one and your bike shop specialist are all important players in contributing to your overall performance.

More information:

  • The duration of your analysis depends on the simplicity or complexity of your set up.
  • Initial assessments are one hour and follow up assessments can be thirty to sixty minutes in duration.
  • Most health funds will give benefits for these physiotherapy assessment and subsequent consultations.
  • Most commonly people require two to three sessions that can be performed over a number of weeks as your body adapts to the changes.

Here’s to happy to riding.